Goa To Hampi & Badami Tour

By Taxi

Welcome to the ultimate Goa To Hampi & Badami Journey!

Spread over 40 Square kilometers the UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi comprises of temples complexes, fortifications, step well tanks, festival platforms, medieval markets, basements of palaces, baths, military and administrative structures, stone carved monoliths, aqueducts, stables, armoury and many such structures.

Nowhere else in India you will find ruins of an entire city including parts of the citadel of a Hindu King in such well preserved condition

Best Tourist Places To Visit While Your Trip To Hampi & Badami

Badami Caves

Badami Fort

Bhuthanatha Temples

Agastya Lake

Shopping of sandalwood and rosewood artifacts

Archeological Museum

Banashankari Temple or Banashankari Amma Temple

Malikarjun Temple

Malegitti Shivalaya Fort

Upper and Lower Shivalaya

Sri Chikka Mahaakuteshwara Gudi

Shri Shakambhari Banashankari Shakti Peetha

"Explore The Ruins Of the Medieval City Of Vijayanagara"

The Group of monuments at Hampi are designated as a UNESCO world heritage site spread over 42 square kilometers.

Most heritage sites in India will comprise of single monument or structure, some of them will be a collection of structures, here in Hampi there are over 1500 heritage structures that include temple complexes, ancient markets, aqueducts, water tanks & irrigation systems, royal & public baths, administrative & ceremonial structures, zenanas & palaces, military & defensive structures, stables for elephants, residences of nobleman.

No where else in India will you find such an expansive heritage site

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