North Goa Sightseeing Tour

By Taxi

Welcome to the ultimate North Goa Journey!

Our sightseeing tour covers the best: Chapora Fort, Aguada Fort, the vibrant Calangute Beach, and the chilled-out Anjuna Beach. Sit back, relax, and let our skilled driver guide you through Goa’s iconic landmarks!”

Most Popular Places To Visit In The North Goa Tour

1) Aguada Fort

So, there’s this gem called Fort Aguada—a 17th-century Portuguese marvel showing off epic Italian and Portuguese design.

Placed right at the Mandovi River entrance, it’s ancient (400+ years) and holds Asia’s biggest water reservoir.

Beyond history, it gives you killer sea views, a rare-as-heck Asian lighthouse, creepy-cool prison cells, and a sweet freshwater spring.

You gotta swing by on your one-day private car tour!

2) Calangute Beach

Calangute, the ‘Queen of Goa Beaches,’ is a chill spot loaded with water sports—think parasailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing fun.

It’s the longest beach in North Goa, stretching from Candolim to Baga, where you can shop in the bustling street market.

Grab tasty bites and drinks from the beach kiosks and snag some cool cheap jewelry and trinkets.

Trust me, it’s a must-see on your one-day sightseeing tour!

3) St. Alex Church

Check out St. Alex Church in Curtorim—a stunning white church hugged by massive palm trees.

It’s super old, the first-ever chapel church in Goa, standing tall by Angoddi Tollem, one of Curtorim’s five pristine lakes.

The church rocks this cool ‘Cupola Falsa’ Indian-style architecture and has this chill, peaceful vibe.

And hey, on Christmas Eve, catch the floating crib in the lake—it’s something else!”

4) Baga Beach

Don’t let Baga Beach’s party reputation fool you—it’s a whole day’s adventure waiting to happen!

It’s neat, tidy, and parking? No problem!

Get ready for the water sports bonanza: parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, dolphin trips, scuba diving, banana rides, and that’s just the start.

Plus, there’s an indoor snow park, tattoo spots, cozy shacks, palmistry shops, and chill sun decks.

Trust me, you can’t skip this stop on your private taxi sightseeing Tour!

5) Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach, a little slice of paradise—soft sands, fiery red cliffs, and the hub for beach shacks and raging trance parties.

It’s a magnet for crowds far and wide, but it’s also spotless, beautiful, and perfect for grabbing local treasures, taking easy beach strolls, and diving into water sports.

And with those palm trees, it’s a shopaholic’s dream with local crafts and clothes galore.

Plus, the cafes dish out some mouthwatering treats!”

6) Chapora Fort

So, Chapora Fort—it’s from 1717, made by the Portuguese, and yeah, it’s the ‘Dil Chahta Hai Fort’ from that Bollywood movie! Quick hike, 10 minutes, and bam! Views that’ll blow your mind.

You got to swing by on your same-day car tour, no doubt!

And those sunrise or sunset views of Vagator beach? Next level!

And hey, it’s a hotspot for photo shoots—pros and folks just having fun. Capture some epic shots and make those memories with your crew!”

7) Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach—a cool 2-kilometer stretch buzzing with nightlife!

You’ve got beach shacks, those unique black rocks, and the most awesome white sands.

Wednesday? Flea market day! It’s perfect for laid-back evenings, especially for lovey-dovey vibes.

Take a stroll on the sands, check out those swaying palm trees.

And oh yeah, loads of beach fun—banana boat rides and bungee jumping for the win!

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