South Goa Sightseeing Tour

By Taxi

Welcome to the ultimate South Goa Journey!

Our sightseeing tour covers the best: Dona Paula, Bom Jesus Basilica,  Mangeshi temple, Shantadurga temple and lots more . Sit back, relax, and let our skilled driver guide you through Goa’s iconic landmarks!”

Most Popular Places To Visit In The South Goa Tour

1) Dona Paula

This beach is also popular with the name of Lovers Paradise.

There are many legends associated with this name.

One of the popular legends is that Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of one of the India’s viceroy had jumped off the cliff when she was not allowed to marry a local fisherman.

There are many other legends as well which offer a different story of the place and the name.

Add this place in your bucket list!

2.)Bom Jesus Basilica

Bom Jesus Basilica’s the place to be! A Roman Catholic hotspot in Goa, this UNESCO Site’s got that classic charm holding St. Francis Xavier’s remains.

A must-visit on your car tour! Inside’s got cool wood carvings, fancy columns, and an artsy gallery with biblical vibes.

And oh, the façade’s got this fusion of Corinthian, Ionic, and Doric styles. Marble floors? Decked out with precious stones.

Even its simple vibe brings that peacefulness!”

3) Se Cathedral de Santa Catarina

Say hello to Se Cathedral de Santa Catarina!

Goa’s mega church boasting that cool mix of 16th-century Portuguese-Gothic style. It’s part of the UNESCO gang alongside the Goan Convents.

Covered in lime plaster and perched on that high laterite base. Outside’s all about the Tuscan charm, while inside boasts those vaulted Corinthian vibes.

This place rocks the Golden Bell, Cross of Miracles, and vintage 18th-century organs. Check out the intricate woodwork, gilded carvings, and those epic ceilings.

And hey, that baptismal font from St. Francis Xavier? Legendary! The Iberian façade and mosaic work? Mind-blowing art and architecture!

4) Mangeshi Temple

Let’s talk Mangeshi Temple—where Lord Mangueshi, a form of Lord Shiva, gets all the love in Goa.

This 450-year-old Hindu hotspot’s a highlight on your South Goa journey.

It’s all about that Goan Hindi style—those striking white towers and that amazing Nandi statue.

Explore the ancient water tank, the towering 7-story lamp tower, and the simple entrance. They’ve got rooms for pilgrims and spots for weddings.

And guess what? The Magh Poornima Festival? It’s huge! Join in for the Ratha Yatra action and catch the serene evening aarti—it’s a vibe!

5) Shantadurga Temple

Let’s talk Shantadurga Temple—a hotspot for pilgrims, dedicated to Shri Shantadurga, the peace goddess.

To soak in that spiritual vibe, just close your eyes, meditate, and offer those prayers.

It’s this quaint yet super peaceful laterite mud shrine hitting its 450th year. Check out those cool pyramidal roofs, the dome, the Deep Jyoti Stambh, and three smaller temples chillin’ around.

And hey, they’ve got a huge tank and guesthouses too. Built with Saraswat style and those Kashmiri stone floors? Classy. Those Roman-arched stained windows? Pure beauty.

And don’t miss the deity’s grand entrance in a Golden Palkhi during the five Mahapanchamis!

6) Spice Plantation

A fun-filled tour to the Spice Farm, Ponda is the one that will provide you knowledge about the various spices used in Goan and Indian delicacies.

You will be served authentic mouthwatering home-cooked Goan lunch in rural surroundings. Banana leaves are used to serve the meal.

Spice Farm is located in the lush green surroundings at Curti. This spice farm educates every kind of tourist and the locals about the medicinal values and other properties of various herbs and spices.

Rainwater harvesting is also done by this spice farm to conserve water and save on the excess consumption

7) Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach, nestled where the Mandovi River meets the sea, offers golden sands and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Locals flock here for jogging, birdwatching, and beachside snacks but swimming is cautioned due to strong currents.

The beach, aglow under the full moon, showcases notable landmarks like Klate Dayanand Bandodkar’s statue and the Aguada Fort, making it an ideal stop to conclude a South Goa tour by private taxi.


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